“I have just got around to downloading the JAMM app onto my phone and am really loving it. The alarms that go off are such a great reminder to take a minute to breathe, or squat on and off my office chair.

Yesterday I did 8 minutes in total and although it wasn’t much it was 8 minutes more than I would usually do! The other night while I was cooking supper, my alarm went off so I did a quick 1 minute single leg raise in the kitchen while I was chopping onions.

Really user friendly and easy to fit into my hectic days of work and kids!” – Sascha Hildebrandt (Seven Star Energy Centre client, Johannesburg, South Africa)


“Today I’ve done 21 days of JAMM. 16 minutes every day and I feel fantastic. When I have less physical energy I use breathing and other less demanding options to give me focus and help manage stress.

At the weekends, I spend 16 minutes in the morning and I feel full of that good energy! I fully recommend JAMM doesn’t require much effort or great changes. Just commitment!” – Naíde Müller (Lisbon, Portugal)


” I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, so my joints are always sore and my body tired. It is nice to have a tool that doesn’t really require you to go to the gym. I’ve downloaded the app because gym can be to harsh for my joints” – FCB employee (Johannesburg, South Africa)