The JAMM intervention comprises of an overall awareness drawn to people’s health and wellbeing and how mindfulness can be integrated to a busy schedule.

The Intervention Workshop also covers an introduction about the philosophy, explanations on the different categories and why they are important, instructions on how to use the app, as well as practical tips of when to JAMM during the course of the day.

The JAMM team believes in the value of mindfulness interventions in the workplace and the extent to which these improve productivity, performance and decision-making – especially when used as a break in a long session, meeting or gathering.

Custom mini-workshops 

Customised to your company, our concept involves the facilitation of a 45-60 minute mindfulness ‘intervention’, to take place during:

  • the latter third of a day-long or multiple-hour meeting,
  • a training session,
  • an in-house corporate workshop, or
  • a regular office work day.

Each JAMM intervention rejuvenates tired minds and bodies, improves decision-making and focus, and enhances attendees’ medium-term health and wellbeing.

Providing a welcome break from hours of sitting and inactivity,the intervention takes the form of several physical activities: mobility, flexibility, strength, breathing, movement and balance.

“The intervention session allowed me to feel happier and refreshed. I would encourage all people to take some time out of their day to JAMM and have some time to themselves.”FCB employee 

For more information about our Intervention workshops, we would be happy so send you a full proposal.

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