JAMM is based on 7 categories, each of which contains MAPs (Movement, Awareness & Practice). These are a roadmap for your body, on a journey towards creating healthy habits.

Purpose & motivation

To show the difference 1 minute can make to an individual or group, by applying simple techniques for enhancing health and wellbeing. We want to help JAMMers create sustainable habits.

When & how

Anytime. Anywhere. In any clothes! You can dedicate hours to your health and wellbeing per year without leaving home, putting on running shoes or wiping down the weight bench.

Why it works

Neuroplasticity (the brains ability to be flexible and rewire in response to experience). And mindfulness (experiencing the world firmly in the here and now, without judgement).

Red Bull = R30

Cappuccino = R25

Gym membership = R500/month

JAMM App = R79.99 once-off